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Used Electronic Test Equipment + Parts
Our on-line test equipment warehouse is filled with Meters, Scopes, CRTs,
Manuals, Nixie Tubes, Repair Parts, Transistor, ICs and more.
Updated regularly with new items! Tons of cross-reference data on line.

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An unusual way to satisfy that craving for surplus store random electronic adventures, find out how you can get a monthly surprise package from Sphere!

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The Slide Rule Universe

Online catalogs, marketplace, archives, pictures and general info about
slide rules from all over the world and way back to the 1900's.
Always something new and interesting, and vast illustrated archives to tour.

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Visit Sphere's Document Server
Everything from business to Sci-Fi

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Contains extensive new data and a complete new chapter on content versus technology.
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Contains extensive new data and a complete new chapter on the life and death of companies.
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Our on-line E- Library, from Business Ethics to Science Fiction, Quotes and Religion.

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Click to see our handy Useful Engineering Links / Design Resources Page with an astonishing range of useful info and links, plus locally linked copies of Walt's Avionics and Avionics News Articles. Everything from color codes to maker's logos and data sheets. A complete info-fest of happiness.

Walt's Picks for amazing but regrettably overlooked musical works.
These are bits that make your heart hurt, and can take your breath away:

Go here to hear the Diga Rhythm Band!

Vangelis - (Opera Sauvage) L'enfant
Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart
Bap Kennedy - Moonlight Kiss
Jefferson Airplane - (Surrealistic Pillow) Embryonic Journey
Mississippi John Hurt - Corrina, Corrina
Marc Cohn - True Companion
Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker - Gloria
Hans Zimmer - (True Romance Soundtrack) You're So Cool
Van Morrison - Crazy Love

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