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Audio and Music/Recording Equipment
21 August, 2023

We have started adding performance and studio-grade musical equipment to the Stuff Page in the "Other" section.  

This includes an unusual combination of new and used hardware ranging from microphone mixing equipment, all the way to PC connectable DJ hardware.  How did we get it?  Not entirely sure, but it could be yours!

Announcements 03 August, 2023

As many of our customers are aware, Walter Shawlee 2, the founder of Sphere Research, the Slide Rule Universe, and a number of other enterprises throughout the years, has fallen on ill health.  We will be liquidating Sphere's inventory, and posting items for sale on a revised and slimmed down "Stuff Page".

Our ordering system will remain the same:

1. See something you like.
2. Send an e-mail to susan@okanagan.net with what you want.
3. Purchase is paid for and shipped.

The old site is still being kept online, but has not been maintained for some time and does not have accurate stock information.  Feel free to access the old site here:

If you are interested in tems that are listed on the old site, please let us know, and if we still have them in stock we will be only too happy to sell them to you!

We are grateful for the support that all of our customers have given us over the years, and we wish all of you the best.

IMPORTANT! This site is still under development, and we are continuing to add items and information on a regular basis.