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Ever gone crazy trying to find just the right spare part to restore a piece of gear? Have you finally found out what the cryptic house number means, but you still can't find the 1N or 2N equivalent part? Here is a rich assortment of NEW surplus ECG and NTE general replacement service parts, all from various repair depots we have bought up. We have everything from Schottky diodes and power transistors to FETs, SCRs and Rectifiers. Plus consumer ICs, and who knows what all.

IMPORTANT! We have more ECG and NTE parts coming in constantly, and this page may lag behind in terms of parts listings, SO PLEASE EMAIL US if you need something, even if it's not specifically listed. It could be in an incoming batch not yet posted.
ECG Numbered Parts NTE Numbered Parts
ECG Series

ECG Parts


ECG36, 100W/12A/140V NPN AF Power Transistor (NTE36), $8
ECG57, 30W/3A/100V NPN Power Transistor (NTE56), $8
ECG77, CATV NPN Amp Transistor (2N5943, NTE77), $7
ECG80, Small Mot. Power Transistor, $5

ECG102A, PNP Ge, Transistor (NTE102A), $3
ECG103, NPN Ge, Transistor (NTE103), $3
ECG103A, NPN Ge, Transistor (NTE103A), $3
ECG105, Ge PNP 150W/40V/15A TO-36 Power (NTE105), $15
ECG106, Transistor, $3
ECG107, NPN UHF Osc. Transistor (NTE107), $4
ECG112, Schottky Diode (NTE112), $3
ECG113, Dual Diode, $3
ECG114, Dual Diode, $3
ECG115, Diode, $3
ECG123, 40V NPN Transistor (NTE123), $3
ECG123A, 40V NPN Transistor (NTE123A), $3
ECG123AP, 7W/80V/1A PNP Transistor (NTE129), $4
ECG 128
ECG128, 5W/140V/1A TO-39 NPN Transistor (NTE128), $5
ECG129, 7W/80V/1A PNP Transistor (NTE129), $3
ECG130, 115W/60V/15A NPN Amp. Transistor (NTE130), $12
ECG132, VHF N-Chan JFET (NTE132), $8
ECG133, AF N-Chan JFET (NTE133), $7
ECG138A, 7.5V/1W Zener (NTE138A), $2
ECG140A, 10V/1W Zener (NTE140A), $2
ECG149, 62V/1W Zener (NTE149), $2
ECG153, 40W/90V/4A PNP AF Power Transistor (NTE153), $8
ECG157, 20W/300V/0.5A NPN HV Power Transistor (NTE157), $10
ECG158, 0.5W/32V/1A GE PNP Power Transistor (NTE158), $6
ECG160, RF-IF Osc. GE PNP Transistor (NTE160), $4
ECG168, 2A/400V Rectifier Bridge (NTE168), $6
ECG171, 6W/300V/0.1A NPN Amp. Power Transistor (NTE171), $8
ECG177, 1A/200V Si Rectifier (NTE177), $1
ECG182, 90W/60V/10A NPN Amp. Power Transistor (NTE182), $9
ECG183, 90W/60V/10A PNP Amp. Power Transistor (NTE183), $9
ECG185, 40W/80V/4A PNP Amp. Power Transistor (NTE185), $8
ECG186A, 10W/40V/3A NPN Amp. Power Transistor (NTE186A), $6
ECG187, 12.5W/60V/3A PNP Amp. Power Transistor (NTE187), $6
ECG190, 1W/180V/1A NPN HV Power Transistor (NTE190), $6
ECG191, Mot. Low Power Transistor, $5
ECG192, 0.9W/50V/0.5A NPN Low Power Transistor (NTE192), $6
ECG194, 1W/160V/0.6A NPN HV Power Transistor (NTE194), $6

ECG220, FET, $12
ECG221, VHF Dual Gate N-chan. MOSFET (NTE221), $12
ECG222, VHF Dual Gate N-chan. MOSFET (NTE222), $12
ECG228, 2W/350V/0.5A NPN HV Amp Power Transistor (NTE228), $11
ECG228A, 2W/350V/0.5A NPN HV Amp Power Transistor (NTE228A), $12
ECG233, Video/IF/Osc. NPN Transistor (NTE233), $3
ECG241, 60W/80V/4A NPN Power Transistor (NTE241), $8
ECG242, 60W/80V/4A PNP Power Transistor (NTE242), $8
ECG244, 100W/80V/8A Darlington PNP TO-3 Power Transistor (NTE244), $10
complement to NTE243
ECG247, 150W/100V/12A Darlington NPN TO-3 Power Transistor (NTE247), $14
ECG253, 40W/80V/4A Darlington NPN Plastic Power Transistor (NTE253), $8
ECG261, 65W/100V/5A Darlington NPN Plastic Power Transistor (NTE261), $8
ECG262, 65W/100V/5A Darlington PNP Plastic Power Transistor (NTE262), $8
ECG271, 40V/2A Darlington PNP Plastic Power Transistor (NTE271), $5 ECG272, 100V/10A Darlington NPN Plastic Power Transistor (NTE272), $8 ECG282, 10W CB RF Final Power Transistor (NTE282), $8
ECG287, 1.5W/300V/0.5A NPN HV Transistor (NTE287), $7
ECG292, 16W/120V/4A PNP Plastic Power Transistor (NTE292), $7
ECG299, RF 4W Amp/Driver Power Transistor (NTE299), $8

ECG306, Plastic Power Transistor (NTE306), $6
ECG323, 10W/120V/1A PNP Transistor (NTE323), $4
ECG324, 10W/120V/1A NPN Transistor (NTE324), $4
ECG375, TV Vertical O/P NPN Transistor (NTE375), $7
ECG383, 0.9W/100V/1A NPN Driver Transistor (NTE383), $6
ECG390, 80W/100V/10A NPN Power Transistor (NTE390), $8
ECG391, 80W/100V/10A PNP Power Transistor (NTE390), $8

ECG451, VHF/UHF N-chan. FET (NTE451), $8

ECG506, 2A/1400V Fast Recovery Rectifier (NTE506), $4
ECG552, 1A/600V Fast Recovery Rectifier (NTE552), $2
ECG558, 1A/1500V Fast Recovery Rectifier (NTE558), $4
ECG586, 3A/40V Schottky Rectifier (NTE586), $4

ECG614, 33pF Varicap Tuning Diode, $4

ECG706, DIP IC, $4
ECG718, DIP IC, $4
ECG719, DIP IC (NTE719), $4
ECG721, DIP IC (NTE721), $4
ECG723, DIP IC FM Sound System (NTE723), $8
ECG736, DIP IC (NTE736), $4
ECG737, DIP IC (NTE737), $4
ECG743, DIP IC PLL Stereo Decoder (NTE743), $8
ECG744, DIP IC RF/IF Amp (NTE744), $8
ECG752, DIP IC, $4
ECG787, DIP IC, AM Receiver Subsystem (NTE787), $8
ECG788, DIP IC, FM IF Subsystem (NTE788), $8
ECG789, DIP IC, Stereo Multiplex Decoder (NTE789), $8

ECG804, Power IC (NTE804), $8
ECG806, DIP IC (NTE806), $4
ECG809, DIP IC (NTE809), $8
ECG834, DIP IC, Precision Voltage Comparator(NTE834), $6

ECG923, Precision Voltage Regulator IC, TO-99 (NTE923), $8
ECG955M, Timer IC, 8-DIP (NTE955M), $4
ECG964, +8V/1A Voltage Regulator IC, TO-220 (NTE964), $6
ECG971, -24VV/1A Voltage Regulator IC, TO-220 (NTE971), $6
ECG981, +8V/0.1A Voltage Regulator IC, TO-92 (NTE971), $3
ECG983, Low Noise Dual Preamp DIP IC (NTE983), $7

ECG1000, SIP IC, $7
ECG1003, FM/AM IF DIP IC (NTE1003), $7
ECG1006, FM Stereo Multiplex Demodulator DIP IC (NTE1006), $9
ECG1011, DIP IC (NTE1011), $8
ECG1020, SIP IC, $7
ECG1023, POWER IC (NTE1023), $8
ECG1029, POWER IC (NTE1029), $8
ECG1037, POWER IC, $8
ECG1052, SIP IC (NTE1052), $8
ECG1058, POWER IC (NTE1058), $8
ECG1060, AM/FM Radio Subsystem CERDIP IC (NTE1060), $12
ECG1073, CERDIP IC (NTE1073), $8
ECG1081A, Amplifier POWER IC (NTE1081A), $12

ECG1100, TV Sound IF Amp, FM IF Amp SIP IC (NTE1100), $8
ECG1103, Low Noise Preamp SIP IC (NTE1103), $8
ECG1107, POWER IC (NTE1107), $8
ECG1115, 7W Audio Amp POWER IC (NTE1115), $10
ECG1120, POWER IC, $8
ECG1127, POWER IC (NTE1127), $10
ECG1140, POWER IC (NTE1140), $10
ECG1153, POWER IC, $10
ECG1154, POWER IC, $10
ECG1155, 5.8W Audio Amp POWER IC (NTE1155), $10
ECG1156, POWER IC, $10
ECG1160, POWER IC (NTE1160), $10
ECG1165, POWER IC (NTE1165), $10
ECG1166, 5.8W Audio Amp POWER IC (NTE1166), $10
ECG1175, POWER IC, $10
ECG1184, DIP IC (NTE1184), $6
ECG1185, POWER IC (NTE1185), $10
ECG1192, PLL VCO, SIP IC, $7
ECG1193, POWER IC, $10

ECG1211, POWER IC, $10
ECG1217, PLL FM Multiplex Decoder DIP IC (NTE1217), $8
ECG1222, POWER IC, $10
ECG1226, DIP IC (NTE1226), $8
ECG1232, 8W Audio Amp POWER IC (NTE1232), $10
ECG1239, POWER IC, $10
ECG1240, POWER IC (NTE1240), $10
ECG1256, POWER IC, $10
ECG1261, POWER IC, $10
ECG1273, POWER IC (NTE1273), $10
ECG1290, AM Radio Tuner IC (NTE1290), $10

ECG1300, Frequency Control Swervo SIP IC, $8
ECG1325, Audio Amplifier Hybrid, $25
ECG1330, Stereo, 2-Power Supply, 15W Audio Amplifier Hybrid, $25
ECG1370, 5.8W Audio Amp POWER IC (NTE1370), $10
ECG1373, POWER IC (NTE1373), $10

ECG1416, Chrominance/Luminanace Processor, NTSC, DIP IC (NTE1416), $8
ECG1447, DIP IC (NTE1447), $6
ECG1461, DIP IC (NTE1461), $6
ECG1465, 0.5W Audio Power Amp SIP IC (NTE1465), $8
ECG1470, 2.5W Stereo Audio Power Amp IC (NTE1465), $12

ECG1501, LED Bargraph Driver IC (NTE1501), $9
ECG1504, DIP IC, $7
ECG1506, DIP IC, $6
ECG1518, SIP IC (NTE1518), $6
ECG1522, POWER IC (NTE1522), $10
ECG1529, Dual Op Amp SIP IC (NTE1529), $6
ECG1533, Dual Op Amp SIP IC (NTE1529), $6

ECG2079, 7 Stage Darling Transistor Array, DIP IC (NTE2079), $8
ECG2330, 80W/55V/4A NPN High Gain Power Transistor with Zener, $12
ECG2343, 125W/120V/12A Darlington Power Transistor, $10

ECG3019, RED LED, $1
ECG3030, RED LED, $1
ECG3042, Transistor Optocoupler, 7500V Isolation, $4
ECG3131, GREEN LED, $1

ECG4512B, CMOS DIP IC (NTE4512B), $4

ECG5315, 600V/8A Bridge Rectifier (NTE5315), $8
ECG5404, 200V/0.8A Sensitive gate SCR (NTE5404), $4
ECG5511, 200V/5A SCR, TO-66 (NTE5511), $8
ECG5673, 200V/15A TRIAC, STUD (NTE5673), $12
ECG5801, 100V/3A Axial Rectifier (NTE5801), $1

ECG6400B, Industrial grade UJT TO-5, $12
ECG6401, UJT TO-18 (NTE6401), $6
ECG6402, PUJT TO-92 (NTE6402), $6

ECG56016, 25A/400V, TO-220 Triac (NTE56016), $8

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NTE Series



NTE158, Ge, $2

NTE243, 100W/80V/8A Darlington NPN TO-3 Power Transistor,, $10
complement to ECG244

NTE580, axial rectifier, $2
NTE588, axial ultra high speed rectifier, 200V/3A, $3

NTE914, Zero-voltage Switch, $12

NTE2310, 1KV/8A, TO-218 HV Sw. Power Transistor, $12
NTE2383, 80V/8A TO-220 P-Ch Enh. Power MOSFET, $10

NTE5809, 1KV/3A Axial Rectifier, $4
NTE5846, 800V/3A Stud Rectifier, $4
NTE5909, 800V/16A Rev. Stud Rectifier, $12
NTE5925, 600V/20A Rev. Stud Rectifier, $15
NTE5915, 100V/20A Stud Rectifier, $12
NTE5950, 500V/15A Stud Rectifier, $12
NTE5951, 500V/15A Rev. Stud Rectifier, $12
NTE5952, 600V/15A Stud Rectifier, $15
NTE5953, 600V/15A Rev. Stud Rectifier, $15
NTE5966, 800V/25A Press-fit Rectifier, $15
NTE5967, 800V/25A Rev. Press-fit Rectifier, $15
NTE5990, 400V/40A Stud Rectifier, $16

NTE6002, 1KV/40A Stud Rectifier, $22
NTE6003, 1KV/40A Rev. Stud Rectifier, $22
NTE6208, Dual 400V/30A TO-3 common-cath. high speed (200ns) Rectifier, $18
NTE6402, Programmable UJT 40V/TO-92, $6

NTE8076, Thermal Cut-out, 77C/15A, $10

NTE56014, 25A/400V, ISOLATED TO-3 Triac with quick-connects, $14

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Cross-Reference Information

ECG parts have been absorbed by NTE, and now only NTE parts are available as current production. We have a large stock of both ECG and NTE replacement parts, and generally, they have the same numbers (ECG123 = NTE123). To be really sure of any substitute, use the search features below to find the now default NTE part, or a 1N, 2N or similar equivalent.

To see NTE Numbered Parts Specs

ECG Parts
To see what the NTE equivalent is of an ECG part, or any other (1N, 2N, 2SC, etc.)

To DOWNLOAD the current NTE Cross-Reference data application.

Registration required at NTE.

ECG Parts
To DOWNLOAD the final version of the ECG Cross-reference (no longer avaiable from ECG or NTE). Zipped file, large download (2.34Mb)

Not the best behaved or most intuitive windows app in the world, but can be very useful. Caution, many early ECG parts not listed in this index.

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