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Sphere's Stuff of the Month Club...

Sphere's Stuff of the Month Club Sphere Research Stuff of the Month Club

HOW IT WORKS: We have a huge amount of both new and used test gear support parts, trim and knobs, general electronic parts of all kinds and every possible kind of semiconductor. Each month (or every other month, if you prefer) we will ship you an approximately 500 gram/1.1 pound (packed weight has to be under 500g) 3.0x4.2x10.5 inch carton filled with random items based on what you select below. The weight cannot go over 500g, but may be below that if that's all that fits in the box.

We decide what goes in, BUT you can specifically request or reject items from the list below to be sure what you get is useful and worthwhile. We will start with a 3 package trial (monthly or every other month), you get billed only when we ship, and you give your approval to do so by agreeing to join this group. Terms are only three shipments, you can decide to renew, stop at any time (unless we have already shipped for that month), change your wants/don't wants at any time, and also give this program as a gift to somebody else. Yes, we will include gift cards. No, you will not be automatically renewed, you must chose to do so.

SHIPPING: The maximum 500g weight and box size are important, as it can then travel as an uninsured small packet for only US$21 anywhere in North America, or for US$26 anywhere else. We are strictly limited both by size and weight, so this is a very critical issue. The empty box weight is approx. 80 grams. Shipments leave by the 5th of every month, small packet can take 2 weeks to arrive, or longer if holidays occur. We cannot track these shipments, and they are uninsured. If you need tracking and insurance, contact Susan (susan@okanagan.net ), we can ship Expresspost, but it is roughly DOUBLE the cost.

COST: For all categories EXCLUDING Semiconductors and Knobs, it is US$20/month. INCLUDING Semiconductors and Knobs, it is US$30. So, typical months for North American shipping are US$41 and US$51 respectively. Tek/HP knobs are very costly, so if you select those categories, they will be the same as semiconductors, plus we strongly encourage you to clarify more details (classic, new, specific equipment, model numbers etc.), and no shipment will ever have more than 5 knobs in it or more than 150g of semiconductors, but will ALSO have other items you have selected.

OTHER: We may have to stop this program due to lack of material in specific categories you select, and will notify you. Since nothing is ever billed until we ship, the only decision is whether you want to change categories or stop. Some items (knobs and spares, etc.) may exist only as used parts, others will be new. If you want NEW ONLY ITEMS, indicate in your application. This may PRECLUDE MANY Tek/HP items. You must pick at least 5 categories to insure we have enough material to ship a full box, you can pick ALL if you like. To GET THE FILE for your EMAIL TO JOIN, CLICK HERE. Put a Y for what you do want (YES), and an N (NO) for items you specifically don't want. You can change your mind later if you feel it isn't quite right for you. No two shipments will ever be exactly alike, nor is it likely can we ever ship exactly the same thing to you again, as many items often exist only in very small quantities, or as just single items.

Here are the categories:

( ) Tektronix Spares (no semis) ( ) Tektronix Spares (with semis) ( ) Tektronix Knobs
( ) HP Spares (no semis) ( ) HP Spares (with semis) ( ) HP Knobs
( ) Fluke Spares (no semis) ( ) Fluke Spares (with semis)
Give Specific Details/Models:

( ) RF Items (no semis) ( ) RF Items (with semis)
( ) Microwave Items (no semis) ( ) Microwave Items (with semis)
( ) Include RF assemblies Specific Details/Frequencies:

( ) Include SMD parts (for all types) VERY IMPORTANT! ( ) Resistors ( ) Capacitors ( ) Inductors ( ) Transformers
( ) LEDs (semiconductors) ( ) Transistors (semiconductors)
( ) Diodes (semiconductors) ( ) Thyristors/SCRs/Triacs (semiconductors)
( ) LCD Displays ( ) VFD displays ( ) Nixies/Numitrons (may have 1 or more bad digits)
( ) ICs (digital semiconductors) ( ) ICs (analog or mixed semiconductors)
( ) Optocouplers (semiconductors) ( ) Varistors/Transorbs (semiconductors)
( ) Pots ( ) Trimpots ( ) Slide Pots
( ) Coax Connectors ( ) Connectors 0.1in/or MTA ( ) Connectors D-sub.
( ) Connectors Audio/Video ( ) Connectors MS/Circular ( ) Connectors SMD type
( ) Connectors edge type ( ) IC/Semi Sockets (semiconductors)
( ) Mechanical ( ) Hardware ( ) Knobs
( ) Cables ( ) Incandescent Lamps ( ) Vacuum Tubes ( ) Vacuum Tube Sockets
( ) Switches Pushbutton ( ) Switches DIP ( ) Switches Rotary ( ) Switches Other
( ) Sonalerts, Buzzers ( ) Speakers ( ) Meters ( ) Tools ( ) Optics
( ) Relays ( ) Motors/Fans (may be used) ( ) Crystals ( ) Oscillators
( ) Power Supplies ( ) Wall-warts (AC to DC supply) ( ) DC:DC Converters ( ) Send me any really weird things you find. I love a challenge.
Specific Notes or requests:
( ) I agree, send me shipments monthly ( ) I agree, send me shipments every other month
Three shipments total
Name: Email Address:
Full Shipping Address:
Phone Number:
By submitting this information you agree to the terms and conditions above, and understand you can cancel any time by an email to susan@okanagan.net or walter2@sphere.bc.ca
Contact Susan by email or phone with your billing information. We can take Visa or Mastercard directly, or Paypal with a 7% adder. Customers in Canada have to add PST/GST/HST taxes as applicable.

StuffWant to get the Stuff application and check sheet??? CLICK HERE E-mail usWe are approved merchants, and can take Visa/MC directly,
by fax, phone or email,
as you prefer.

We accept VISA/MC or international money order

Graphical logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, including Tektronix, Fluke, RCA, TI, GE, General Radio and Hewlett Packard, and are used here merely to unambiguously identify the products. Sphere Research IS NOT a factory authorized distributor for any of the product lines indicated.
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